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The Santon Group has also been instrumental in award-winning residential developments, particularly the conversion of listed buildings not currently in residential use, for almost 20 years.

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    • The Stroke Association receives a £7,500 donation from The Sandhu Charitable Foundation to support the Harrow Aphasia Self Help Group and Ealing Stroke Club, such clubs enabling stroke survivors, their families and carers to rebuild their lives following a stroke

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    • The Sandhu Charitable Foundation donates the sum of £7,000 to Orbis’ See My Future Appeal which is eligible for UK Aid Match funding from the UK Government

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    • The Sandhu Charitable Foundation donates the sum  of £10,000 to the Centre for All Families Positive Health to assist in their supporting HIV affected people across Luton, Bedford and the East of England

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    • In recognition of Sound Seekers celebrating their 60th anniversary, The Sandhu Charitable Foundation has donated the sum of £6,000 to assist with their on-going work to improve the lives of deaf and hearing impaired people in some of the poorest countries in the world

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    • The Sandhu Charitable Foundation donates the sum of £30,000 to The University of Warwick to assist with their wellbeing support services for students programme.  The donation will benefit those students who are facing mental health challenges on either a short lasting or more enduring basis.

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    • The Sandhu Charitable Trust supports The Lullaby Trust by donating the additional sum of £5,000 

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